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Pilot UHT


Applications of Pilot UHT

The pilot sterilizer is a small flow volume sterilization equipment, which is suitable for all food processing manufacturers to test the taste of their products, it is compact, easy to move and easy to install. The purpose of the pilot sterilizer is to adjust the parameter setting of small trial production to the closest settings of mass production, so that the color, aroma and taste of the finished product manufactured at mass production phase can be the same as the taste configured at small production phase by the laboratory, which does not only save time for adjusting the parameter settings for mass production but also reduces the loss of raw materials

Features of the pilot sterilizer

■Tubular sterilizer is all-in-one, compact, easy to move, easy to install

■Suitable for all kinds of products with low viscosity, including fluid that contains granule

■The hot water system is electrically heated without the use of a boiler

■10”Color Touch Screen

■Paperless Recorders For Temperature Recording

■Ultrasonic flow meter measures the flow volume

■Sterilization followed by manual filling

■RO water treatment machine can be added

■Hot water circulation pump and  centrifugal pump of product are included

■ Sterilization temperature up to 150℃

■CIP method is included

■The minimum production is 100LPH 

■Saving the loss of raw materials

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