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Fermentation Tank


Applications of fermentation tank

Fermentation refers to the process of transforming raw materials from cells into products, such as alcohol fermentation, lactic acid fermentation, acetic acid fermentation, soybean fermentation... etc. It has wide applications. The fermentation process in terms of application is very wide such as it can be used to produce food, plant nutrients or animal feeds.


The fermentation tank is to accelerate the mass production of fermented products, the equipment includes agitator, temperature control, PH control, aeration culture, etc., and it must avoid contamination by bacteria, from the beginning of culturing bacteria to sterile inoculation, sterilization of medium after entering the fermentation tank, sterilization of tank and conveyor belt, air sterilization, etc.

Each step should be followed carefully otherwise it will lead to a serious failure. 

Our fermentation tanks are ranging from 50L~100000L, and we have the professional expertise  to control the fermentation temperature of the fermentation tanks according to the customer's demand for modular design. We also have the latest fermentation technology which is integrated with continuous fermentation and CIP (Clean in Place), all these help to increase the customer’s productivity.

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