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Sterilization Equipments

Alfa Laval BaseLine.png

Alfa Laval
plate type heat exchanger frame

tubular heat exchanger logo removed.png

Taiwan Ryu
tubular type heat exchanger frame


plate type heat exchanger frame


Taiwan Ryu
small pilot type heat exchanger

APV-Gasketed -Sanitary-Plate Heat Exchangers.jpeg

plate type heat exchanger frame


Taiwan Ryu
plate type heat exchanger frame

Brief Description ​

Our sterilization equipments are used to sterilize all kinds of liquid and powdered beverages. This includes milk, juice, syrup, tea, mineral water, agar and granular/particle/pulp beverages. Through sterilization process,  the nutrition and natural flavor of the food can be reserved


  • There are different types of sterilizers namely UHT(Ultra high temperature),HTST(High temperature and short time), Pasteurization, Tubular sterilization, Plate sterilization, etc, all can be customized according to customer's requirements.

  • In-house designed and fabricated including all essential parts/components to make up the sterilization equipment such as heat exchangers, agitation tanks, material pumps, frames, meter box and etc 

  • Compact size, easy and fast on-site installation

  • The PLC control system is operated via touch panel, and the interface is available in English, Chinese and other customized languages.

  • Easy human–machine interface which makes it easy to use and simple to operate, paperless recorder to store data of sterilization temperature, outlet temperature, production flow rate.

  • Sterilization and cooling temperature range can be customized based on customer's needs

  • Sterilization cycle times is settable

  • Automatic CIP cleaning, a very effective way of cleaning, it is carried out periodically after production runs or during product raw material changes, without human intervention of disassembling of the equipment.

The fabrication process of sterilization equipment


Construction of footing is made of stainless piples (1)

The heat and cold exchange plates of GEA for making heating and cooling system(2)

Installation of valves (3)

Fabrication of  sterilizer (4)

Pasteurize System5.gif

Fabrication of sterilizer (5)


Fabrication of sterilizer (6)


Fabrication of sterilizer (7)

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