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Rotary disc type Koji making Equipment

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Purpose: ​to make koji automatically while unattended. It is applicable for fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, Japanese sake,  wine, rice wine, sake, vinegar, soy sauce, sweet bean sauce, Pu'er tea, Awamori and Jiuniang.

Brief Description 

Rotary disc type Koji making machine can auto feeding, auto discharging; auto turning over Koji, auto heating, auto cooling, auto ventilation, auto increase humidity; it can also facilitate the cultivation of Koji at a low temperature for a long period of time. Therefore achieving auto production, lowering the cost, which is the best option for cultivating Koji


1.By using PLC (programming logical controller) to achieve recording, monitoring of air volume, temperature, oxygen level, humidity, turning over koji duration and rotational speed are all in real time, thus increasing the quality of production.
2.Rotary disc type is a high precision equipment which has little to none of leakage in terms of making Koji
3.Frequency converter of blower can be adjusted in terms of air volume and achieving the best production environment for reducing power consumption in accordance with different types of microorganisms
4.The high survival rate of protease in every batch of production. 

Technical Parameters

rotary koji disc table .png


Rotary disc diameter (mm)

koji making thickness(mm)

koji making area (m²)






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