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CIP Cleaning System


 The fabrication process of CIP cleaning system


CIP tank fabrication(1)

CIP multi-tanks design(2)

CIP valves installation(3)

CIP piping work(4)

Completion of CIP(5)

CIP cleaning system is the abbreviation of CLEANING IN PLACE, which is the processing equipment for cleaning food equipment.

■ It is fully automatic CIP or semi-automatic CIP for cleaning food storage tanks, blending tanks, conveying pipes, pumps, UHT sterilization systems, homogenizers, filling machines, and other food equipments.

■It is done either in closed or non-closed cycles.

■It can be cleaned by acid and alkaline solution with water, which can be recycled and reused to meet the environmental protection needs while saving the operation cost.

■High reliability of the system with PLC control of cleaning time and temperature

■All the valves and sensors are made by top domestic and foreign brands.

■The CIP system can be divided into single tank type, duo tank type, and multi-tank type; It is up to the requirements and needs of customers.

■Applicable for: Whenever the food or beverage process is in operation, the equipment must be cleaned after a certain period of time to prevent bacterial growth and product contamination.


Process Water

Hot water tank​

Acid tank

Alkaline tank


Acid for acid tank

Alkaline for alkaline tank

CIP Cleaning System is comprised of

Hot water tank, alkaline tank, acid tank, Centrifugal pump, plate heat exchanger, machine frame, meter box and etc

CIP Benefits

● No personnel are required to disassemble the equipment or enter the tank for cleaning.
● No direct human contact with chemical liquid
● Preventing any hazards that might occur during cleaning operations
● Improving the consistency of production quality.
● Removing human errors
● Reducing downtime while increase productivity.
● Reducing cleaning time and labour costs
● Save the cost of steam, cleaning agent, water usage and waste water treatment.

CIP Cleaning Cycles

CIP cleaning
1.First stage cleaning with water

2.Second stage cleaning with alkaline

3.Third stage cleaning with water

4.Fourth stage cleaning with acid

5.Fifth stage rinsing with water

The siren and signal will go off upon the completion of above stages.

Followed by executing SIP (sanitizing in place)

Above is all done in automation without human intervention

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