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Automatic Bottle Rinsing Machine

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This rinsing machine uses insert-type nozzles and machine cover which provides high cleaning efficiency and can prevent secondary contamination from spraying or dust falling. Unique bottle rotary system is controlled by servomotor that ensures precise bottle rotary position, speed and excellent rinsing quality.

Field of Application

  • Suitable for Plastic / Glass / Metal bottle and container inner cleaning (Air-rinsing or Water-rinsing).

  • Flat / Square / Oval bottles and special shapes of bottles are all applicable.

  • Suitable for larger production demands.

  • Rinsing nozzle quantity can be customized according to production volume.

  • 「Air-rinsing」 or 「Water-rinsing」type can be customized according to different product range.


  • Control system: MITSUBISHI (Japanese brand) PLC. Rinsing time and speed can be set up directly from 7” color touch screen (HMI).

  • Bottle rotary system: Driven by servomotor, rinsing procedure is more stable and adjustments are much simple than traditional pneumatic cylinder.

  • Insert-type rinsing nozzles & machine cover: Prevent spraying while water rinsing or dust falling after air rinsing.

  • Object sensor: SICK (German brand) sensors provide high sensitivity precision with stable quality.

  • Adjusting system: SIKO (German brand) position indicator with hand-wheel: Easy for position adjustment and record device position conveniently.

  • User-friendly design: Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using tools.

  • Memory storage: 50 sets. Perfect for repeated products without entering settings every time.

  • Bottles with similar bottle mouth size can share the same set of bottle clamp.

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of bottle rinsing machine.

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