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Bottle Washing Machine


This bottle washing machine uses insert-type nozzles for cleaning to achieve high cleanliness of bottles. It is designed in a way that it can prevent the water from splashing all over the place during the process of washing. Taiwan Ryu’s innovative design has made the washing machine able to easily adjust the turning speed and position, precise positioning, thus achieving high efficiency and high quality of bottle washing operation!

Field of Application

  • Suitable for Metal bottle, glass bottle and Plastic bottle  Glass / and container internal cleaning (Air-rinsing or Water-rinsing).

  • Any special shapes of bottles such as Oval /Flat /Square / bottles are all applicable.

  • Suitable for large volume of washing demands.

  • Adding or reducing the quantity nozzles can be customized based on customer demand, as well as 「Air-rinsing」 or 「Water-rinsing」can be customized according to customers' requests.


  • Control system: Using Siemens PLC from Germany, with 7" color HMI touch screen, users can enter bottle washing time and speed by touching on the screen, easy to use.

  • Sensing system: SICK sensor from Germany, with precise sensing, high quality and low failure rate.

  • Replacing manual bottle washing with automation to reduce instability that might be caused by human operation, while saving costs, improving efficiency and achieving uniform cleaning results

  • Durable washing machine, long machine lifetime, low failure rate,  no frequent maintenance is needed.

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